I am so awful at eating my veggies.

Like really awful

I just haven’t found a way that I LOVE to have most veggies so I resist eating them

Plus they go bad so fast when you buy fresh that I just end up throwing money away

My husband is the same

So in an effort to increase both our veggie intakes I figured it was time to start small with something easy

Insert veggie omelette starter packs


I like veggies in my omelettes(not as much as I like bacon but still) so I thought this was a great way to give it a try

What you will need:

Veggies of choice(I used red onion, green pepper, tomato, and mushrooms)


Cutting board/mat

Ziplock baggies


Simple and easy to make these, chop everything up, toss it together in a bowl, divide among baggies, and put the baggies in the freezer

Now whenever you want an omelette just take out a baggie.

Heat a little olive oil on your pan, cook the veggies, add the eggs, cook, and eat.


Simple, easy, healthy, and now you’re getting your veggies!

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