As we were coming up on our final days at the park I wanted to get in as much as I could. We typically only do about a half day in the park and just buy passes for more days because it’s seriously exhausting trying to run around and do all the things. Seriously when we tap out at about 2pm/3pm we already have a good 20,000 steps on our Fitbit each and our feet are killing us!

My favorite part each morning when we get there is walking through the empty park. Sure there are people lined up to get in but during this very slow time of the year you kind of feel like you get the park to yourself. Plus it makes for much better photos when there aren’t a ton of people in the way. 🙂

I don’t normally stop for pictures with characters around the park because the line is usually long and there are a ton of kids but with it being so slow in the park I took the opportunity to get a picture with The Simpsons as well as the Grinch! Honestly haven’t done character pics since I was in Disney World when I was 7(that was back in 1997 just for reference).

So while Islands of Adventures may be the place to get your HOT Butterbeer, the Universal Studios side is the only place to get Butterbeer ice cream. I would say I had this about about 3 times in 5 days. I hadn’t tried it the last time we were here in 2016(not sure why, maybe the line was long?) and knew I had to get it this time as it was starting to get pretty warm out(at least for this North Dakota girl). My husband got a different flavor although I’m honestly not sure which one because I was so wrapped up in my soft serve Butterbeer ice cream that I didn’t really care.

Another thing I missed in 2016 was the Flight of the Hippogriff ride. It is kind of tucked away along the walk to the Hogwarts castle and I was always so excited to go into the castle that I must have just missed it. The ride was quick but still fun and you get to see the Hippogriff moving during the brief ride by.

As a mentioned in a previous post, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is totally the most under-rated ride in the entire park. It is seriously pretty fun even though my husband thinks I’m a little crazy because I love it so much. Best part is there is a never a line for it even when it is busier and it’s a hot day. You ride in your fish and water shoots out on the sides, you are technically supposed to follow the directions to stay dry but I do the opposite because I think it’s pretty fun to get sprayed. If you are there go check it out, it will take 15 minutes max of your day and possibly even cool you off a little!

After a long park day I needed to wrap up the evening with an Epsom Salt Bath in our rental house. Seriously this tub is bigger than any tub I have ever had anywhere I have lived so I tried to soak in this as much as I could because it was amazing. Also, shiba snugs were called for after being away from my furbaby all day. It was one of the rare times when she didn’t mind snuggling too so I soaked it all up.

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