Now I am by no means coming to you with some elaborate cleaning plan to fix your whole living space or even some Marie Kondo type hacks for you. I also don’t want you to think I have some impeccably clean home that is just spotless and everything has a place because that’s definitely not how my house ever is. However, I know for a fact that I work better and feel more relaxed when I at least keep my house somewhat clean.

As someone who runs multiple businesses, a nonprofit, and is involved in other things I know first hand that homemaking for the busy boss lady can be a CHALLENGE!! And as much as I would like to pretend that my spouse and I are capable of sharing the housework equally I do live in the midwest and that’s just not quite how things work here(no offense to the husband haha).

Getting into a habit(which I am still building and working on) has been a challenge for me. When I was in college I loved cleaning but mostly because it was an excuse to procrastinate on studying or writing essay after essay. Today I find myself so burned out or exhausted that the thought of doing any sort of housework or adding anything else to my plate sounds like some sort of medieval punishment but alas it’s not going to do itself(I’m motivating you so much right now huh? haha). So how do I get at least SOMETHING done so I don’t feel like I’m failing as a homemaker and home owner?

-Make my bed. Every. Single. Day. Yes, seriously. Simple as it is and some of you may already do this automatically like I do but if nothing else cleaning/organizing gets done for the day at least I have made my bed and I can climb into a made bed every night. I don’t care if I’m sick as hell, not coming home for 3 days, or what I am making that damn bed. I even make my bed at a hotel(mostly because we don’t get room service due to always traveling with our fur baby).

-Start with the immediate small things. Have a cup of tea? Throw the tea bag away instead of putting it in the sink. Spill a little coffee or your mug left a ring on the counter? Wipe it down. Had a quick meal? Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher or even in the sink instead of piling them all over the kitchen table or counter. These small things only take a couple seconds to do but can make a huge difference in the look and atmosphere or your home. I have been in many a friend’s homes where this is an issue and it is such a simple, 2 second fix.

-Create a schedule and gradually add to it as things become a habit. For many years now laundry day has been on two days each week: Sunday and Thursday. Sunday so everything is ready for the week ahead and Thursday in case we need anything for the weekend. At this point it is just second nature to get the laundry basket out and head to the washer and it just feels off when I don’t do these tasks on their specific days. Once things start to seem simple and routine add in another task on a certain day. This year I have committed to washing my sheets and bedding more because I couldn’t tell you how long it had been between washes before. Now I change my sheets on Thursdays and wash all bedding and change sheets again on Sunday. Mondays I have committed to watering my plant(yes one, this very resilient bastard has been with me for 5 years even though everything I touch dies). Once I know I can handle the current cleaning schedule and routine I have I add in another task on a specific day and work to make it a habit. Over time I can hopefully get caught up on the housework and it will all take less time to just maintain instead of deep clean!

As much as some of us dread doing homework(myself included) it really can be incredibly rewarding to see the aftermath of our work. That is until the husband/fur baby/kids come home πŸ™‚


  1. These are a great start for sure. I just have a simple schedule i keep to and mamage to keep my house clean with the kids around. The trick to to get them to help, and they know how much work went into cleaning so they are leas likely to make a mess.

  2. Love this! “Start with the immediate small things”…this is so good and so true! Once I get those immediate and easy things out of the way, it gives me traction to keep getting things accomplished.

  3. I feel so much more stress when my home is cluttered. Small, regular little efforts throughout the day to keep tidy really helps when you’re a mom. Not letting things pile up! Thanks for the post, from the wife of a North Dakotan!

  4. It’s so diffucult to keep the house clean when you’re busy! I really like the idea of assigning specific days to do some chores though. I think it would be great if I can develop this habit before my husband and I get kids haha


  5. I totally use cleaning right now to procrastinate from studying! I’m currently in college, so I totally felt that. I did go totally Marie Kondo on my room after watching Tidying Up, however, I am so bad about the 2-second fixes. Definitely, something I need to work on.

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