La Crosse is a waterfront town located in the driftless region of Wisconsin. If you’ve never explored this area, this is the perfect place for foodies to get great food and experience many local favorites. After spending a few days in the area, I’m excited to share some of the best restaurants you can find in La Crosse, WI. This bustling town has a large variety of flavors to offer that you need to add to your bucket list. Rudy’s Drive-In Step back into the 1960s and experience fast food the old-fashioned way with the classic drive-in at Rudy’s! Their menu is filled with delicious food and classics such as burgers, onion rings, cheese curds, and milkshakes. As soon as you arrive you pull into a stall and order through the speaker. Servers are on roller skates just as they would have been back in the day. They bring your…