It’s time for the fourth and final segment from our Minneapolis trip. I guess when you’re there for 10 nights you have a lot of places to talk about although I will warn you there is a duplicate restaurant in this post again but it’s so damn good I couldn’t stop going!

Sober Fish


Sober Fish was this cute little sushi place I happened to find near the gym my husband was going to. The menu looked good so we tried it out. Lots of raw sushi options which isn’t usually our thing but we gave it a try and tried some new things. Definitely good but if you don’t LOVE raw fish this probably isn’t the place you want to go.



This place is in the Mall of America and honestly my favorite place to get my Mexican food fix when I’m in Minneapolis(until I find something more local and authentic). Servings are HUGE and we always have to take things home. We started with the Tostadas Carnitas and let me just say their Carnitas meat the best I’ve ever had! Seriously just melt in your mouth, it’s phenomenal!


I always end up ordering some sort of seafood taco for my entree but seriously look at all this food!! No normal person can eat all of this in one serving. Needless to say I was having midnight leftovers as I did some work on my business in hotel room later! This was the Tacos de Langosta and it was great. The picture doesn’t do it justice as the lighting is dim in there but it’s filled with lobster, bacon, rice, beans, and avocado, YUM!! Seriously so good.

Smack Shack


Yes we went back to Smack Shack. It was so good I thought about it all week and decided on our last night we need to venture back.

You may remember my other post featuring this restaurant I got the lobster roll and that huge carrot cake. I told myself I had to try new things this time so I started with the smaller portion of the Lobster Bisque, holy shit yum!


Just creamy and rich with big chunks of lobster in it. Seriously this place does not skimp on the lobster!


My entree was the lobster mac and cheese which again had huge chunks of lobster in and homemade cheese sauce. Just amazing


We did of course sit on the patio again this year but brought Elsa with this time. Silly pup backed her butt off the patio and stood there half up on the patio half standing on the sidewalk. Can’t bring her anywhere 🙂

Tavern on France

Yes again with Tavern on France but this time for brunch. I apologize in advance for these pics as we sat inside and it is DARK in there and I wasn’t going to be that asshole with the flash on taking pictures.


Right away you get to build your own omelet which in included in the brunch buffet. Check as many things on the paper as you like and they will throw it all in there for you. I did a simple bacon, tomato, and gouda and it was great.


They also bring a plate of fresh made caramel rolls to your table, they honestly could use some more caramel on them but they were still pretty good.

Now to the actual buffet part. The reason I wanted to try this brunch first was because their picture showed bacon and any brunch buffet with bacon can easily win my heart. There was so many options it was almost overwhelming. Pastries, fresh fruit, salad, 2 kinds of eggs, biscuits and gravy, omelet bar, fresh carved ham, bacon, sausage, pasta, and so much more.


I would like to say one of these plate pictures was my husbands but that would be a lie. I had to try everything and I have no self control around unlimited bacon and fresh cut fruit.


Definitely recommend Tavern on France for really any meal but their brunch is to die for!


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