I feel like my trips are always planned around the places I want to check out to eat. My husband doesn’t quite understand the foodie life but that’s ok, it means I don’t have to cook all the time and he still gets fed. 🙂

For part 3 of the Minneapolis series we stopped at a local cupcake place called Sweet Retreat Cupcake Boutique. We tried to go here on July 3rd but they were closed so we(I) made it a mission to come back when they were open to check it out.

Why so determined? Well when they have awesome cakes like these in the windows you know you need to try it


Yeah, that’s a 5 tier Harry Potter cake and a 5 tier Beauty and the Beast cake. The lighting was crap but you get the idea of the epic awesome-ness that sits in their shop window.

Inside it was this cute little girly shop that I could imagine having a 6 years olds party.


Seriously so cute.

Their cupcake varieties vary each day so don’t walk in with your heart set on a certain specialty one. You won’t be disappointed in their selection though, lots of delicious cupcakes to drool over! We went right when they opened so they were still getting everything out on display.


I set my heat on a Smores, classic wedding buttercream, and this one with a million sprinkles.


They were fabulous, moist, fluffy, and just melt in your mouth. I highly recommend for anyone in the area to check out. Totally worth your time!


I mean just look at all those sprinkles!!!!

My “Minneapolis Food Tour” found me back at Tavern on France. This is the place from my last post with the pizza but this time I opted for the Build Your Own Salad option. Seriously you just can’t go wrong at this place.

I filled out my card and snapped a pic this time so you could see all the options and what I had specifically chosen.


If I remember correctly the base fee for the salad is somewhere around $12 then add on prices for certain meats. As you can see my salad was fully loaded and packed with different flavor.


This doesn’t do the size justice as this salad was massive and I had to take half of it home to finish later. I do want to add that the cashew chicken salad right on top in the middle was PHENOMENAL! I would order this all on its own next time as the cashew chicken salad on the menu comes in a pineapple boat with tons of fresh fruit. People kept ordering it around us and I wasn’t sure what it was till I had it on my salad.

That’s all for part 3! One more blog on Minneapolis before we move to another area! 🙂

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