This took me so long to get written. I think I just didn’t want to admit that this trip was over so I put it off for awhile.

Monday July 3rd

We were on a mission to check out a local doggie store with fun treats for our furbaby Elsa. Unfortunately the one we went to first was closed for the holiday the next day so we stumbled upon Bentley’s pet store instead. Elsa loved it and the staff was super helpful. We left with way more things than we needed for her. Great prices at the Edina store off France Ave for those in the area. We scored 60% off most of the bones pictured.


One thing I LOVE about Minneapolis is how super dog friendly the town is. Not only are patios dog friendly but most of them even have a stash of dog bowls to fill with water.

After spending too much on our furbaby we decided it was of course time for lunch and checked out this other place close by the pet store called Tavern on France.

Honestly, now one of my favorite restaurants in the area and we will be going there EVERY time we are in Minneapolis.

They had dog bowls for water that they brought you immediately when you sat on the patio.


They have a full menu of great options PLUS multiple Build Your Own check list sheets which let you customize your own pizza, salad, burger, or bloody mary.

During this visit I decided it was time for pizza and oh my was it amazing!


Crisp, thin crust piled high with the topping of my choosing. This particular combo is: garlic aoili, shrimp, feta cheese, tomatoes, spinach, and crumbled bacon.


Tons of left overs and I will add that the crust still maintains its integrity after sitting in the hotel room fridge for awhile!


Dinner involved a visit to the chain restaurant Bubba Gump Shrimp, standard delicious seafood with a great combo special going on for the summer that included tilapia, your choice of shrimp skewer, and a shrimp side.


The night finished off with the best firework show around(yes on July 3rd) done by the Summer Fete festival! Our hotel room actually faced the display so we hung out in the room and watched the display.

July 4th was a blur of relaxation, swimming and napping but we decided to spend the evening at a local drive in. We have a drive in close to town but they always play movies a little on the older side that either are no longer in theaters or are almost out so when we saw the lineup at Vali-Hi Drive in we were surprised!

IMG_2234For only $8.50 each you go to see 3 brand new movies. We read some reviews online before hand so we would be prepared. If you decide to check this place out they only take cash so come with it in your wallet. Also, get there early! Seriously, we were about an hour and a half early before showtime and we were still about the 40th car in line. The line went all the way down the road and people were still coming in when the first movie was starting.


Snack selection was great, again remember they only take cash. Service was great from everyone and I would definitely recommend checking this place out if you are in the area!


More Minneapolis to come!! 🙂

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