Back in March we had a quick trip to Minneapolis for a weekend. Our furbaby Elsa always, ALWAYS knows when we are going out of town and literally jumps into the car as if we are going to leave her behind. I’m not sure why she links she will get left behind, we maybe left her with someone else twice back when she was a puppy and that was it. Otherwise she is ALWAYS with us but nonetheless she jumps in the car so we don’t forget her.

This was a quick yet busy weekend in Minneapolis as my husband Tony was competing in his first powerlifting meet in Champlin, MN. He had formerly done a bodybuilding show back in October but decided to try out powerlifting instead and has been pretty hooked since then. We got to the high school around 7am and were there till about 5pm-ish I will say. It was a long day of sitting on school bleachers and working on my laptop but he did pretty well and it was definitely a great experience for him.

After the meet we headed to the hotel quick to let out Elsa and headed to the closest restaurant which was El Loro. We have been meaning to check this place out for a long time since you can literally walk to it from our hotel. If you don’t know it yet I love me some Mexican food and could eat it every single day so I was pretty excited. After a long day I started off with a raspberry margarita, I want to say this was their medium size and I couldn’t finish it because it was so dang sweet.

There menu has a ton of options so it took awhile to decide what to get. Unfortunately what took the longest was someone to come to our table to take drink orders, bring chips, and then take our food order. Once we got our food it seemed they wanted to rush us out the door even though it wasn’t busy and it was no where near closing time.

I finally decided on the Burrito Carnitas because I was starving and knew it would be massive. It also came with Guac which is basically a life source in itself so it needed to come with my meal. I also ordered a tamale because I just freakin love when Mexican restaurants let me order a tamale a la carte. Our local “Mexican”(term used very lightly) restaurant you can ONLY get a tamale on one of the combo platters that it comes with and that’s it. There is no option to order just a single(or multiple because I would) tamales which is just plain stupid because they are making them anyway! So anyway every single time I have to order it and I usually can’t eat it but they reheat well so I bring it home with me. Overall the food was really good, service was below average especially for a place in Minneapolis.

Sunday morning we headed home but had to stop at my favorite chain that I always get when I’m home. The difference is that the location at home doesn’t serve breakfast burritos. I’ve really found out that not a lot across the entire country do so when I find a location that does I take advantage of it. Plus Qdoba has a great rewards system so as often as we eat there we are able to get lots of free food in return. If you can find a Qdoba that serves breakfast be sure to try it out. Otherwise, Qdoba is way better than Chipotle, there I said it. Extras are free(except extra meat) and guac is FREE at most locations so I usually get 2-3 big scoops in my burrito.

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