As we wrap up the finals days in Florida from our 2 week trip we have a very important trip to make to the east coast of Florida. We stopped at a gas station right away and as someone who doesn’t have what I call all these “fancy” gas stations in North Dakota it always blows my mind when I can get a 52oz slushie for under $2(or get one from a gas station at all). It’s probably good we don’t have them here or I would have one every day because slushies are my weakness.

So our drive to the east coast of the state was to surprise my grandma! She didn’t know we were there so we drove over to surprise her on our last full day. It was hilarious because she is basically a hermit so we kept knocking on the door and ringing the door bell without saying who we were and you could hear her moving about the house trying to see who it was. Finally I called and she answered the door when she saw the name on the answering machine. She was so surprised and after talking to my mom earlier that day about the trip we said we drove down just to change the batteries in her smoke alarms since she had just talked to my mom about having to get someone out to change them. It was a short visit and she was obviously surprised(caught her in her jammies and all haha) but it was great to see her while we were there.

Tony and I headed to Tijuana Flats for lunch since I was craving Mexican food and we don’t have this chain in the midwest. The tacos are always so good and I just love the hot bar they have. So many options to really spice up your food. The flautas were pretty good as well although I do prefer them a little crispier.

One last stop at Burgerfi before we headed home. I did look it up and the closest one to me is like 9 hours away so there was no chance in me having this again anytime soon. Tried out the shake this time and it was so freaking good I just about finished it before our food even hit the table. Also, be sure to get the parmesan herb topping for your fries, it is mouth watering and definitely worth adding.

Time for the long drive home and back to the cold that is North Dakota winters. There really is some beautiful scenery along the way and you get to see a lot of the different places but boy does it become a long drive. We made it home in just under 32 hours as we drive straight through and just take a couple naps along the way. Until next time Florida, literally one of my favorite places to go!

This one is just for all those dogs parents out there who have to stop 100 times to get their dog to go potty. From Florida to Wisconsin she hadn’t went #2 and this was the celebration my husband had when he was letting her out and she finally did it.

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