As I was scrolling away on Facebook one day(which I do way too often to be honest) I came across a food truck festival in the town about an hour south of where I live. Let’s be real this kind of thing doesn’t happen much in North Dakota so I was beyond excited. I mean the entire purpose of a food truck festival is to EAT so win-win for me.


While North Dakota doesn’t offer a large food truck festival there were still a good dozen trucks there to try out. The Texas BBQ truck offered a fun twist on tacos with their Hollywood Street tacos.


Smoked pulled pork with a fresh made mango salsa topped with a cilantro cream sauce. These were amazing! Definitely the best tacos we had between the two trucks with tacos we tried.


The CzechWagon had a huge variety of different options, one of which was deep fried banana foster cheesecake. For those you that don’t know yet, I love cheesecake but am VERY picky about it.


The cheesecake was smooth and creamy and you could definitely taste the caramel but the banana was lost. I’m not sure if they forgot to put a chunk of banana in or there was just supposed to be flavoring but either way it was non existent. However as a caramel cheesecake it was pretty good.


Chef Mobile was another truck we checked out and actually ended up grabbing another item on the way out. The first item we checked out was the Cajun Chicken wrap. This was so full of flavor and the chicken was so moist. Definitely recommend this to anyone checking out the truck!


The last item we brought home with us was the Mad Hatter. This consisted of pulled pork, fried egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, and raspberry BBQ sauce served in a toasted hot dog bun. Holy. Crap. This was phenomenal and I still crave it to this day!

Food truck season and done and over in this area of the country but I am already looking into some Minneapolis, MN area ones to attend in 2018! 🙂


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