After a jam packed weekend in Minneapolis we swung by the Fargo food truck festival on our way home. We went last year as well and this was the first food truck festival I had ever been too. This one is definitely on the smaller end with about a dozen trucks but I believe the only food truck festival in North Dakota. I honestly tried to stay open minded about it this time as the day before we had just went to the St Paul Food truck festival where there was 40+ food trucks but this year this one just felt like kind of a dud after the huge one the day before. It also didn’t help that it was a super gloomy and rainy day so turnout was low. The most disappointing part of this festival this year was that pretty much every single truck was the same(minus the delicious truck I got tacos from the year before) so there wasn’t much new to try. Sunday(the day we were there) was also having a bacon challenge between the trucks and if you don’t know it yet I LOOOOOOVE me some bacon however it was also super lack luster as most places  just wrapped a small piece of mediocre meat in bacon and called that their submission. There were some great options there though that we picked up before the final hour stretch of our drive home. Our first stop was Chef Mobile, this truck is actually run by the son of a lady I used to work with many years ago. He has some good creations plus he comes up with something new each year which was great to see. A lot of the other trucks had allllll the same food as last year and I didn’t want those last year so they got skipped again. We picked up two great items from the truck this time, The Madhatter and The Mac Attack. The Mac Attack is pretty straight forward, the main component is mac and cheese. Cheese sauce was very runny which made this a little messy but it’s served in a waffle bowl so that helps. This dish also comes with a chicken strip and onion rings topped with some cheese sauce. Definitely need to eat the waffle bowl with this one, it absorbs the cheesy goodness which leads to a sweet and savory combo at the end. The Mad Hatter we had last year was delicious again. It’s a hot dog bun with a fried egg, bacon, pulled pork, and a  raspberry BBQ sauce. Each component is super delicious and really creates an amazing sandwich. Big J’s was there in 2017 as well but we skipped it due to a lack luster menu. They had the cheapest bacon creation though so we gave it a shot.  If I’m being completely honest it was a waste of $5, just a large flavorless meatball wrapped in bacon. I won’t be stopping at this food truck again it seems.
Potato Brothers was either a first timer this year or I didn’t notice it last time but it definitely didn’t disappoint. This was our last purchase at the food truck festival so we kind of went big with the loaded french fries. Let me tell you these were absolutely fantastic! Fresh cute french fries, parmesan, bacon, and a side of ranch made this really come together. The only bad this about this dish was that all the bacon pieces fell to the bottom so it was hard to enjoy them with the fries. A good improvement would be to add some extra cheese, melt it and get those bacon pieces sticking good so you can get some cheese pulls in there and everything still stays together. Otherwise these were a great way to finish off the festival!!

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