Seriously I couldn’t wait to get on the road for Florida. We had done this drive just two years earlier in 2016 so we semi knew what to expect except this time it was January instead of March. The initial goal was to get as far south as possible as fast as we could as there was a blizzard in the forecast so we were basically racing it.

It was of course still freezing most of the time but once we got out of North Dakota it was nice to be above -30 degrees(yes, -30 degrees fahrenheit). We always make lots of stops so Elsa doesn’t have any accidents in the car and she sometimes likes to be dramatic and make her peoples carry her all the time especially when it is even slightly cold out. Really she was born to live somewhere warmer I think.

We did great racing the blizzard south but unfortunately once we started east and got to Tennessee we got stuck right in the middle of a huge blizzard which would have been fine for us to drive through but since most people around us were local and weren’t used to driving through that type of weather it was pretty much a shit show. We pulled off the road and took a nap at the truck stop for an hour and damn and I glad we did. There was a huge accident and pile up on the interstate shortly after we pulled off and we definitely would have been stuck in the middle of it. We ended up being re-routed through some city in TN and traffic took 3 hours to go a few miles due to people getting stuck. Thankfully the citizens of the community banded together to help push cars and traffic. So many hours of stop and go traffic over heated the transmission in the car and we had to go park somewhere and turn the car off(it was still freezing temps out) for awhile for it to allow us to drive again.

After a long delay in TN we got back on the road. Thankfully I always include extra driving time in our schedule so we were still on time when we got to the rental house to check in. We got things unpacked right away, got groceries, picked up some pizza(Hungry Howie’s is AMAZING!), had a drink and called it a night!

We were up early the next day because I was having a meet up with my Biz Bestie Lauren Kidd! We headed to this fun place called Avenue GastroBar which basically ended up being a 90s flashback with Britney Spears references and cereal flavored shots(ummm Cinnamon Toast Crunch yummmm). The food was all fantastic, think basic breakfast foods with that millennial spin aka lots of avocado toast and guacamole!

After a couple mimosas, a mini photo shoot, and a whole lot of work we had to say goodbye. Since we live so far apart we don’t get to see each other very often but when we do we definitely make the most of it!

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