This winter I got to check out the new-ish restaurant in Grand Forks, Crooked Pint. They took over the old Green Mill location(I miss their spinach dip like no one will understand) so I was curious to see what they were going to offer.


Service was pretty good considering how new they were at the time. Lets be real, I normally try to give places a few months before checking them out because there are usually a few things to work out during that period. My friend and I got there right at the end of Happy Hour so I was able to take advantage of a small discount on my order.


If you don’t know me yet you should know I take serious judgement on how a place prepares their soft pretzels and beer cheese. If it’s on the menu I’m ordering it the first time I’m there and basing my entire opinion of your menu on it, especially if you are a pub, ale house, brew house, etc.


So the Gigantic Pretzel gets me pretty excited. I mean what isn’t exciting about a 14oz(yes 14 freakin ounces!) soft pretzel?! Decent pricing for the size $10.99, happy hour allowed me to get it $1


The verdict? On a scale of 1-10 about a 6.5. The big part on the bottom was soft and amazing like a soft pretzel should be but the smaller top part of the pretzel was pretty hard due to the uneven sizing during cooking. The beer cheese dip was great(no grainy texture) but for a 14oz pretzel it could definitely use some more so I have enough for the entire thing. I’ll definitely be back to order it again as I think this is an easy fix and could vary depending on who is in the kitchen at the time!

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