Anytime we are going to be heading out of town we try to use up anything in the fridge so nothing goes to waste.

Personally, I love doing this because it forces me to be a little creative with the things we have. However, I’m pretty sure my husband hates it because we have to make everything from scratch and still make sure we don’t have any leftovers before we leave.

Normally I batch cook and we can rotate between leftovers but these days before we head out of town are all about eating it till it’s gone so I don’t make something else until we finish something first.

This morning I was craving a mix up from my normal breakfast routine which has been waffle breakfast sandwiches for awhile.


I happen to always have plenty of breakfast type foods around as it is my favorite meal of the day so it was easy to use some things up for this Breakfast Smasher Bowl.

Breakfast Smasher Bowls:

I literally measured nothing and neither should you 😉


Your base of this bowl is tator tots, cooked and smashed(hint hint that’s where the smasher name comes from)


Next layer should be eggs(gotta get that protein!)


After that, the rest is up to you! I used a baggie of ham I already cut up, some cheese, and some salsa I wanted to get out of the fridge before we went out of town. You could add peppers, onion, bacon(yum), sausage gravy, mushrooms, or literally any other topping you want to this to make it your own.


Serving size wise you can make an individual small batch with a few tots, an egg, and small amount of toppings or just go to town and feed a small army. My bowl ended up being somewhere in between those two!


The possibilities are really endless with this and you could mix it up every time to create new flavors each day!


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