Preparing freezer meals has become very popular with people all over the country and for a good reason! For just a couple hours out of one day you can have an entire week or more of meals prepped and prepared. Not only that but it takes the guesswork out of what to make for dinner and saves you money! As a newbie it can be very overwhelming to figure out where to start so here a few great tips on what you need to do to to start your own freezer meal stock!

Plan it out. Take some time and find recipes you would like to try. I highly suggest Pinterest, simply search freezer meals and you will get hundreds on recipes. Pick 5-7 to get started, this will take care of you first week. Print off these recipes and write out all the ingredients you need. Feel free to use the attached grocery list template for this!

Label yours bags before you begin. Trust me, this is a lot easier when the bags are empty instead of when there are a bunch of ingredients moving around in there. You can put just the name of the recipes or also include cooking instructions as well.

Stand you bag up in a bowl, folded open, for an easy dump and go method. This will make it easier to put all the ingredients in and prevent the bag from spilling. 


Do some advance prep, this is what will take the most time. Trim your meats, peel and cut veggies, and get out all your measuring cups and spices. Having these all out of the table, as well as a printed copy of your recipes, will make it so much easier to find everything when you get started with bagging.

Take your time. This isn’t a race. Your first few times might take a lot longer than expected, that’s completely normal. Like anything else in life, you will get better with practice!

*Bonus tip: Takes notes on the recipes as you cook them. Maybe you like some and don’t like others. Maybe something needs to be cooked for a little less time or could use some more spice. Making these notes now will make the recipes better the next time you decide to make them!

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